Best IPTV Subscription Service Provider

Get access to the best IPTV Premium content with a seamless streaming experience. Enjoy a wide range of channels and top-notch quality with our IPTV service.


What app can I use for IPTV?

Here is our selection of the best IPTV applications: smart iptv, ss iptv extreme, net iptv, flix iptv, set iptv, smartone iptv, iptv stream player, room iptv, duplex iptv, net iptv

Do you Offre Free Trial?

We provide free iptv trial. You can start watching your channels instantly, whenever you want, contact us by whatsapp to receive your test.

How does your IPTV Premium subscription work?

IPTV Premium servers ➤ Over +15200 live channels worldwide ✓ Sports channels ✓ 24/7 TV shows ✓ Premium shows ✓ Thousands of movies ✓ Full HD+ ✓ No Freeze ✓ Multilingual VOD ✓ Free trial.

Which devices will work with your IPTV subscription?

All these devices will work with any IPTV service: Smart TV, Android Box Firestick, Apple TV, Mag Box TVIP, Formuler Z8, Nvidia Enigma Box, MAC PC, Laptop, Tablet, iPad, Android Phone, iPhone.

Do you offer any sort of guarantee?

We guarantee what we sell and offer a 100% warranty on your purchase. If you've purchased a 12-month IPTV package, we guarantee that you'll be able to use it for 12 months.

Two-minute activation

It only takes a few minutes to activate your subscription. After placing your order, you'll be able to enjoy our IPTV service in just a few minutes.


Stream every show you enjoy on TV.

Watch entire seasons of your favorite TV shows, the newest blockbuster films, kid’s programming, live sports, full seasons of premium series, and anything else you desire from the extensive VOD collection.

What Our Clients Say About Universatpro?

All reviews come from purchases verified by trustpilot

After a very convincing 24-hour free trial, I decided to subscribe for six months. The process was quick, the customer was friendly and I had immediate access to the channels.
There are currently no bugs and a wide choice of channels, films and series.Il n'y a actuellement aucun bug et un large choix de chaînes, de films et de séries.


Absolutely top product,not any 1 problem .It s does what it says.
Can't wait to extend.
A happy customer.

Mario Firing

Everything is perfect, both the treatment and the quality without a doubt I will definitely come back to renew.


Perfect service. They respond quickly and help you with everything! A ten!

Enric Giralt

Good service and quick response to any incident.

José de la Fuente Torres




Top subscription

19 00
  • 15.200+ Live TV channels​
  • 52.500+ VODs and Series​
  • m3u delivered Instantly​
  • No freeze / No clipping
  • Support 24/7


Top subscription

25 00
  • 15.200+ Live TV channels​
  • 52.500+ VODs and Series​
  • m3u delivered Instantly​
  • No freeze / No clipping
  • Support 24/7


Top subscription

39 00
  • 15.200+ Live TV channels​
  • 52.500+ VODs and Series​
  • m3u delivered Instantly​
  • No freeze / No clipping
  • Support 24/7


Top subscription

59 00
  • 15.200+ Live TV channels​
  • 52.500+ VODs and Series​
  • m3u delivered Instantly​
  • No freeze / No clipping
  • Support 24/7

Best Buy Iptv Service

Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars a year for cable and receiving only a few channels? Do you want to be able to instantly stream 4K HD channels from around the world while having access to all the latest movies and TV shows on demand?

Best Buy’s IPTV service makes it faster, easier and cheaper than ever to watch everything you want in high quality. All you need is our IPTV subscription and an Internet-connected device to access the world’s largest selection of TV channels!

Instant Activation!

The service will be ready a few moments after you place your order, and you will have full access to all features.

Fast Support

We have provide different contact method. So you can contact us any time. Join live chat or leave a message. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Easy Setup

There are no dishes or antennas in this setup. All that is required is an internet connection.

20,000+ TV Channels

Get complete access to over 20,000 TV channels and never miss a single episode of your favorite TV show or sporting event....

Multiple Device and Format

You can order the service using your device or app. Our IPTV service is compatible with all devices and apps.

Auto and free update

We regularly update the service and add new TV channels and VODs. If you subscribe, you will receive any updates for free for the duration of your subscription.


Frequently Asked Questions

when will i get my subscription activated ?

Your subscription will be activated from the moment where you receive login credentials. You might or might not be able fo get the credentials immediately. If you don’t receive it immediately, you don’t need to worry because the email will come to you eventually.

Which devices can access our iptv ?

Our IPTV services can be accessed through all Smart TV sets (Samsung. Sony, LG…), All Android devices, Apple TV, iPhone, MAG box, and Fire Stick.

Do you provide technical support ?

Yes. We provide technical support via the support ticket page. We do our best to respond within an hour or less. Contact Us.

Will it work in my country ?

Absolutely Yes, our service only requires an internet connection to function, no matter where you are on earth.

Is it difficult to set up your service?

Not at all. After Subscribing, you will Receive Automatically Easy Setup Instructions via email on how to set up your IPTV account on your preferred device. Setup Instructions for all TV brands, Android & Apple Mobile Devices including tablets, Firesticks, Mag boxes, TV Boxes, Windows pc are included.

You provide content for adults?

No. We don't offer any adult (Porn) channels. Our service is a family safe for all customers & we don't accept any request about adding such content.

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