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Become IPTV Reseller

What is an IPTV reseller? This is the person who obtains an IPTV Panel to create and sell IPTV subscriptions to their customers. With your IPTV Panel, you can create one-month, three-month, six-month and one-year IPTV subscriptions.

Are you looking for an opportunity to earn thousands of dollars (IPTV resellers do)?
If the answer is yes, then becoming an IPTV reseller with Universatpro offers you that opportunity.

Basically, IPTV Resellers Panel work through something called Credit Points
Credit Points are used to activate the IPTV Subscriptions.
In our Reseller Panel the Credit works are used as below:

1 Month Subscription = 1 Credit
3 Months Subscription = 3 Credits
6 Months Subscription = 6 Credits.
1 Year Subscription = 12 Credits.



Top-up amount


Create a panel


Top-up amount


Top-up amount


Top-up amount


Top-up amount




Top-up amount


Create a panel


Top-up amount


Top-up amount


Top-up amount


Top-up amount


Set Your Own Price

With our IPTV reseller panel, customers can choose their own price for every plan to earn handsome money.

Live TV Channels

More than 20,000 live TV channels from all over the world are available through our reseller panel.

High Quality

We have TV channels in HD, Ultra HD, 4K, and even in SD to provide users with the best and suitable quality.

24/7 Support

Have a problem or need assistance setting up? We are available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


299 $ 280 00
10 credits minimum
Reseller Panel
VPN Service
Free Trials (M3U)
24/7 support


195 $ 180 00
10 credits minimum
Reseller Panel
VPN Service
Free Trials (M3U)
24/7 support


$ 400 00
Website + Standard Pack
High Quality Website
Help until the first sale
Reseller Panel​​
24/7 support

An IPTV resale business model using a panel of IPTV resellers can provide you with a substantial income. Our IPTV resale credits sell like ice cream in the summer, and the market is growing at an alarming rate and growing fast! The quality and stability of our streams are excellent, and we are currently one of the best in the market. This is backed up by proactive technical support that treats the resellers, who use our iptv reseller panel, as if they were an integral part of our core business.


Benefits of working for Universatpro as an IPTV reseller

For your service, you will find a high-quality service provider, and you may easily sell any of your products to millions of people worldwide. To make money, you may also purchase a complete UNIVERSATPRO.COM system with a reseller package and resell it to your clients at a profit. There are several benefits that resellers can get from this supplier: – The primary benefit is that you can continue working at your existing employment while earning money through the affiliate program. Because IPTV is a secure service, you may start your own business with the smallest finances and without having to worry about running out of money. – Universatpro.com offers a panel with a user-friendly interface for managing customer lines for resellers. – You can deal with your customers as a reseller in accordance with your own profit margins. – The clients on your panel are entirely under your control. The lines can be operated according on your requirements.

How to Become a Successful IPTV Reseller

Build a strong supplier network: Establish relationships with reliable and trustworthy IPTV suppliers to ensure a steady supply of high-quality content.

Develop a marketing strategy: Create a marketing plan for your IPTV service. Examples include social media, online advertising and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Stay organized: Keep track of your customers, sales and payments. Use a system to manage your accounts, invoices and payments.

Provide excellent customer support: Make sure you provide a high level of customer support, respond quickly to customer inquiries and resolve any issues quickly. Your customers should feel that they are valued and that their concerns are taken seriously.

Continuously improve and adapt: To remain competitive, your service must be constantly monitored, modified and improved.


How Credits Works in Reseller Panel

In a reseller panel, credits refer to a form of currency or balance that is used to sell IPTV subscriptions.
Here is how credits work in a reseller panel:

Purchasing credits: Resellers can purchase credits in bulk from the panel’s supplier, and the cost per credit will depend on the volume of credits purchased.

Making sales: Resellers can use their credits to sell subscriptions to the panel, the cost of each subscription will be deducted from their account balance. If the reseller does not have enough credits to make a sale, they will need to purchase additional credits before they can continue.

We provide credits to customers who purchase a reseller sign. These credits will be used according to the plan you purchase for the customer.

Your IPTV sign will use one credit for a monthly plan, three credits for a three month plan, six credits for a six month plan, and so on.



    Proof of Payment


    Yes, we provide you access to a reseller dashboard where you can create and manage all your iptv access

    Just choose the plan you want, proceed with payment and after that, you will receive your IPTV RESELLERS instantly

    Yes, we use an automated system, so after your payment, our system will enable access for you, you can also find it in your member’s area

    Yes, no problem, contact us by whatsapp and we’ll help you.

    Yes, our resellers can generate as much trial as they need

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